GenPass - Password Generator

This free application lets you generate hard-to-crack passwords. The generated passwords can easily be customized to fit your needs, you can even generate serial numbers for your own applications with it. The program was developed entirely by me but I don't really use it nowadays as I have built its functionality into larger applications. You can download and use it, basically, for any purpose, but it comes without warranty and you may use it only at your own risk!


GenPass window
GenPass window
  • Set password length;
  • Make system clock take effect in generated passwords (so the probability of the same password's occurence will be minimal);
  • Filter repeating periods to make the generated password harder to crack;
  • Force uppercase/lowercase (easier to memorize but easier to crack);
  • Make the generated password look like a serial number so you can use it to protect your own applications;
  • Check how secure your new password is.

System requirements

The program does not have any special requirements. It was built as a standard Windows application, so all you need to have is Windows 95 or later. Maybe it works fine on Linux with the latest Wine installed too.

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