ReactImages - view images and save watch time

With this free application you can watch pictures and save how long you have watched each pictures. The program was built for a special assignment and it was developed entirely by me. You can download and use it, basically, for any purpose, but it comes without warranty and you may use it only at your own risk!


ReactImages main window
ReactImages main window
  • Watch images in *.bmp or *.jpg format and store watch (or reaction) time for each pictures;
  • Start watching at any point using an image list;
  • Windowed/fullscreen mode;
  • Save list as a *.csv file (so you can import it in any kind off program like Microsoft Excel or LibreOffice Calc);
  • Print list in an elegant table format;
  • Specify export list format;
  • Use buffer to make loading faster;
  • Play media file at specified elements.


  • Development: Robert Abraham
  • Professional Consultant: Kata Gellén

System requirements

The program was built as a standard Windows application so all you need to have is Windows 95 or later. The basic services of the program also work fine on Linux with the latest Wine installed, but some features (for instance: printing list) may not work.

An online version is also available in the same location for download under GPLv2 license. Please note that this is a web-based application and requires PostgreSQL, Apache 2 and PHP to work. This package is source-only and does not contain installer. For further informations, please check readme.txt file in the archive.